Hello Internet reader. :-) . I am Ram Shanker. I am a civil-structural engineer by profession. Ever since I graduated in 2010 from Indian Institude of Technology Guwahati, I have been working for Engineers India Limited, building bits and pieces of Oil & Gas Refineries & Petrochemical plants across India. I enjoy building things. Be it 35 Story Height (~120 meter) industrial structure, or some small toy softwares for civil engineeing. See some examples in the Engineering section.


 I had keen fascination with computers since childhood, thanks to Computer Labs in Saraswati Shishu Mandir and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyala, Gumla. Back in 2004, Teenager me ;) got to know about Internet Cafes ! I write things occasionally. Find them here.


 I am a Civil Engineers, Structural Engineer to be precise. Over the years, I have made many excel-sheets / softwares to assist myself with day-to-day engineering activities. Some of them are published in Engineeing Section. Feel free to report any suggestion / corrections required.


 I was joind by my lovely wife Shivangi, and few years latter, a cute little angel Kiara.

 I spend most of my liesure time reading Tech blogs. I also do some random programming side projects to satify my itch for coding and computers.


 Pleases Fill this form to message me anything. Or just follow my socials. Facebook. Twitter.